December 22, 2009

Cabin Fever

Ok! We need some ideas. Everyone brainstorm... what do you do with two 9 month olds in the dead of winter? It can be things at the house or we can go places (I just don't know where to go!). I don't know if the girls are but I'm definitely getting cabin fever.

On your mark, get set, BRAINSTORM!

December 18, 2009


9 months already! It’s hard to believe that their 1st year is almost over. I can definitely say that life is much more enjoyable these days. Their 9 month stats were awesome! Kinley weighs 17 lbs 3 oz and Ansley is 17 lbs 11 oz. They are both 27 inches long. We have a pretty set schedule and their personalities are shining through more and more. I want to remember what a day in our lives looks like right now so here it goes.

7:00 Wake-up & Bottle

8:00 Solids

9:00ish Nap

12:00ish Solids & Bottle

12:30 Play time (usually when I go run errands)

2:00 Nap

4:30 Solids

5:30 Daddy comes home and we play with him!

6:30 Bath

7:00 Bottle and then bedtime!

Kinley is still our super content baby. She still chooses not to roll! She is happy however we put her and stays there until we move her again. She was the first to “talk” (on Dec. 4th) and spends her day saying “dada”. She has begun to “talk” as soon as you lay her down for bed. She will be dead asleep in my arms but the second I lay her down she is wide awake and ready for a good heart to heart! Kinley is very ticklish. You just have to touch her belly and she can’t take it. She still doesn’t have any teeth but I think they are coming soon. She has such a great personality and whenever she smiles her eyes just light up in such a way that melts your heart. She has such a sweet spirit and I hope that continues to grow as she develops and matures.

Ansley is our little firecracker. She is most definitely a child of extremes. She is using rolling as a form of transportation these days. She has started “talking” as well (Dec. 14th) and much to my dismay she is constantly babbling “baba”. However, we don’t think it will be long until there is a “mama”. She is trying so hard but can’t seem to figure it out. Ansley has taken quite the turn and gone from an extreme daddy’s girl to most definitely a mama’s girl. I’m not sure what changed but she doesn’t like for me to even walk out of a room. Ansley got her 1st two teeth on Nov. 1st and it looks like her top teeth might be coming in soon. Her personality is so charismatic and her laugh is contagious. I hope that Ansley’s strong personality is used for the betterment of herself and her peers.

December 5, 2009

Yay Kinley!!

Kinley has achieved something first! As many of you know, I have been bothered that Ansley does everything first. Kinley is usually soon after (except for with rolling!) but I worry for Kinley's self-esteem! Ok, I'm just kidding but I was really excited that Kinley was the first to start "talking". Take a look at this sweet video of Miss Kinley saying dada!

November 11, 2009


I haven't posted in a while but my family is on my heart today. I feel like I have been so blessed with the family that I have. I also feel like my family has blessed many by showing others how to stay strong and united through the many struggles we have faced. My parents are a true testament to marriage. They got married 1 week after my mom turned 16 and my dad was 19. Needless to say, they went through a lot of ups & downs! We didn't always have a ton of money but I can assure you I never missed out on things that I needed and I don't remember missing out on the things I want. As we grew up there were a lot of fights, fits, and spankings!! 4 kids only spanning 6 years definitely had to be quite the feat! And while we might not have always been the best of friends I can say without a doubt we are now!

We struggled through helping Tim get passed his personal struggles, defended and loved me through my teenage years, watched and pushed Randall to make the best decision he has made-marrying Celice (There was no way we were letting him lose her!), did the best we could to be there for Jen's family while they dealt with the worst thing anyone could ever imagine, and they were there for Jason and I while we worried and struggled through the last couple months of my pregnancy and the first month of the girls' lives. While we have been hit with a lot of MAJOR obstacles in our lives we have always pushed through them and have ended up even stronger than before.

We have ALL married extremely well and I feel like my in-laws are just 3 more siblings that I get to grow with. Josh, Celice, Melaina, & Jason I hope you all feel blessed to be a part of this strong, Christian family because I know we feel blessed to have you in it!

Thank you Lord for giving me the strongest support system I will ever know. Continue to protect & guide us through this life. YOU are the reason we have become what we are. AMEN.

** This is a video of one of the Sundays that my family came to me in the hospital so that I could still participate in church. It was so great to be able to worship even when confined in a room.

October 28, 2009

Want to see some GREAT photography?

Check out A Moment in Time Photography. Jennifer does amazing work and will make sure you get some great shots. She did a shoot of our girls at about 6 months old. They still can't sit up and they can get quite fussy but Jennifer was patient and stayed with us to make sure she got some keepers!! She is doing an awesome giveaway right now. Hurry over and join in the fun!

October 15, 2009

Some fun videos

Here are some videos of my sweet girls!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

**Sorry you have to listen to me in the background!!

October 14, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Well I have seen a few people do this and decided to join in this week!

I really want Combi Corrocos in these colors:

Sadly they are $200 each! Maybe this can be their Christmas... They won't remember right?!

We are looking at VERY used suburbans but I wish I could have this!

What would you like to have?!?! Make your wish list and then comment on my blog so I can see it!

October 13, 2009

Cute boots!

My girls have worn their first pair of shoes! They were so cute... if I do say so myself. Well... just take a look.

October 9, 2009

My new blog layout!!

Thanks so much to Kelly Mann for my new page!! I am hoping that since I have a new cute page that I will become a much better blogger. She did such a great job and was so great to work with. I cannot wait for her to meet the girls that she has gotten to see some pictures of!

The girls are getting so big! We are still working on a ton of things. My most recent goal is getting them to sit unassisted. They kind of can but not completely (Like I wouldn't just walk away). I have a video of Ansley laughing that I need to upload but I'm trying to wait until I get a good video of Kinley. She is just so content most of the time that she just watches Ansley being crazy! Oh well, she will have her time to shine soon!

Let me leave you with some pics. These were taken by Kyle Newton. He did such a great job!

October 5, 2009

Horrible Bloggers!!

I just have to say I am an awful blogger. I truly didn't think anyone could be worse than me. Well... all my friends and family with blogs are awful!! I love to hear stories about my nieces and nephews or all my friends children but NOTHING. Come on ladies!! Get back to the blogging world. That is all!!

September 24, 2009

1/2 a year down!!

They girls are 6 months old. I cannot believe it. They are changing so quickly. At first everything was so slow! I thought they would never grow out of being newborns and then all of the sudden... CHANGES!! It is so fun to watch their little personalities develop. They love each other so much. We have been doing solids for a while now and are eating 2 "meals" a day. They have tried almost every veggie & fruit. They don't really show a preference yet. Before you know it I will have 2 ONE year olds. Weird!!

Ansley: 14 lbs 2 oz 24 1/2 in
- Size 2 diapers
- Still just rolling from back to front
- Close to sitting
- Loves the jumperoo
- Loves the activity mat
- Tries to scoot
- Found her voice
- Sleeping through the night UNSWADDLED!!!

Kinley: 13 lbs 2 oz 24 in.
- Size 2 diapers
- SOOO close to rolling
- Close to sitting
- Loves the jumperoo
- Loves the activity mat
- Found her voice
- Sleeping through the night UNSWADDLED!!!
- Snuggly

September 1, 2009

Ansley's first laugh

The best laugh is towards the end. To her credit she sounds a little like an old man b/c I was pushing on her full belly! Haha

August 12, 2009

Saying goodbye to nursing...

I decided to go to the Dr. today for a weight check on the girls. I'm constantly worried about Kinley and all of the sudden the last couple of weeks both girls have been absolutely awful (day and night). They have been waking up at 3 and are up off and on until 6. So I have been up from 3 until they take a nap at 7ish. 

Well... sure enough they haven't gained enough weight. A month ago Kinley was 8 lbs 13 oz. Today 9 lbs 8 oz. Ansley was 9 lbs 11 oz. Today 10 lbs 10 oz. They want me to start nursing them every 2 hours and then supplementing. SERIOUSLY?!?! I already didn't do anything but nurse. Needless to say I had a total meltdown in front of 3 nurses. I let them know I was just tired b/c they aren't sleeping! 

It's been 5 long months of EBF and just when I thought we finally had it figured out this happens. I just can't take it anymore. It hurts so bad to be investing all your time and energy into something that is so important to you just to be told it isn't working. I am sad to make this decision and I feel defeated but as of today at 3 we have switched to bottles. Here's to hoping all of our lives will be much more pleasant.

August 8, 2009

One for the books

had the best mommy of twins moment last night! The girls have just started really looking at each other the past couple of weeks. Well, last night they were looking at each other and Ansley couldn't stop smiling and cooing at Kinley! It was so amazing!

So Ansley first smiled at Kinley on August 7th!

July 28, 2009

So annoyed!

I get home from being out of town for 1 1/2 weeks to a leak in our house. THe bathroom is flooded and the girls' carpet is soaking. We call the landlord who precedes to tell us that it is probably a leak in the supply line b/c someone had driven a screw through the pipe. So instead of fixing it when it happened he waited for a problem to arise. So frustrating. Well, when the plumber comes out it ends up being worse than we thought. There is water under the kitchen and bathroom floors. Like when you step on it water comes through. The landlord calls the insurance company and apparently doesn't have coverage for pipe leaks. So he sends his wife's uncle over and he tells me that he is just going to redo the grout b/c that's why the water is coming through. Ummm... NO. Regardless of the grout water shouldn't be under the tile. So here we go again where they are just trying to mask the problem instead of fixing it. I just want to move! Preferably to Fort Worth but I guess I'll have to settle for somewhere else in Abilene for now...

July 14, 2009

4 months and growing… SLOWLY!

I’m a few weeks behind but the girls are 4 months old! We had their check-up and shots a couple weeks back and the Dr. says they are happy & healthy! He even gave us the go ahead to try rice cereal. The girls aren’t quite ready for that but we will keep working at it. Let’s talk about Kinley!

Kinley is 8 lbs 13 oz and 23 ½ inches long. She seems like she will be our child of extremes! She can be so, so happy but she is also a lot harder to get calmed down once she is upset. Her cry is so sweet. Sometimes we just let her cry a little longer b/c it is so pathetic. Something else we want to make sure Kinley NEVER forgets… she is SO gassy. People often comment on how her toots and burps sounds very manlike! I know she will love me forever for putting this in print.

Things about Kinley

·         Wears newborn clothes

·         Not sleeping through the night

·         Loves the activity mat

·         Great bottle-feeder, not as great breast-feeder

·         Coos a little

Now Ansley! Ansley is 9 lbs 11 oz and 24 inches long. She is MOSTLY laid back. She definitely has her moments but typically is pretty easy. Her cry is not quite as sweet. It’s definitely an attention getter! Whenever you here that cry, people have quickly figured out to take her outside. She absolutely loves being outside. We have played in the pool several times this summer and she just likes relaxing in the sun. Ansley has become very interested in her hands. When she can’t get to her paci she is sucking hard on her hands. She is also still spitting up like crazy. Mommy and every other person who holds her are definitely ready for that stage to be over!

Things about Ansley

·         Wears newborn clothes

·         Not sleeping through the night

·         Loves the swing

·         Great breast-feeder, not as great bottle-feeder

·         Coos a lot. Starting to be our little talker

·         She loves TV

They have now begun to notice each other and that is so fun. I’m not sure what they think about the other yet but I can see the friendship growing every day. It is one of the most amazing things when they are nursing together and they just stare at each other. I love that they will always have one another and I hope they never take it for granted. Believe it or not people still get them confused. I don’t know how you can mix them up. Maybe in pictures but in person it still shocks me when people get it wrong. Aunt Jen really has some work to do! LOL. All the girls’ cousins absolutely love them. Audrey and Reagan love getting kisses from Kinley or Kinsley if you are asking Audrey! They are also beginning to “talk” to us. I can’t explain how proud I am of them. Just listening to their sweet coos has become the highlight of Jason’s days & mine.

June 28, 2009

Videos... finally!

These are old but I just figured this whole thing out!

This is Ansley

And now Kinley

June 18, 2009

3 months & our first sickness

Kinley - March 12, 2009

Kinley @ 3 months

Ansley - March 12, 2009

Ansley @ 3 months

Well we have made it to 3 months and what a difference from the day they were born!! I am the mother of two 3 month old babies... CRAZY!! At 3 months (actually a little before) Kinley weighed 8 lbs and Ansley was 8 lbs 10 ounces. I'm about to have a 10 lb baby. It felt like that would never happen. They are very hard work but SO sweet. This week they got their first cold right along with me. Luckily, LaGay had already planned to be here this week. Talk about good timing. She was so much help. I will say that I will be thankful when I can stop putting saline drops and suctioning their nose. Man, do they hate that. 

I am contemplating starting a weekly post called "Fast forward to Friday". I'm hoping it will make me post more and I will be able to journal about our weeks which will help me remember all the sweet things the girls will start doing. Let me know what you think.

June 4, 2009

Guilt & decisions...

that come with being a mom. So I have been trying so hard to breast-feed the girls. I want so bad for this to work. My whole life I
have had these expectations of pregnancy and raising my kids. Well, as most of you know my idea of having a completely natural 
labor went out the window very early. Now I feel like breast-feeding is going to be taken away too. I have finally got to the point
that I can tandem (at the same time) feed the girls and everything has seemed like it was going pretty good. Ansley does really well
but I am still having a lot of pain from Kinley's latch. I also was feeling like their weight gain had slowed down. I decided to make
my 2nd appointment with the lactation consultant to see if my intuition was right. Sure enough it was! On May 15th Kinley weighed
6 lbs 11 ounces and Ansley 7 lbs 6 ounces. The VERY minimum they should have gained from then was 9 ounces. Well Kinley was
only 7 lbs 1 ounces (she gained 6 ounces) and Ansley was 7 lbs 15 ounces (so she gained 9 ounces). They were gain more than an
ounce a day. I knew it would slow down because I stopped giving them formula but this was unexpected. The girls have also been
crying A LOT! I have been going crazy thinking that they were just hard babies. Well... come to find out I'm starving them! I feel
awful. Of course they cry all the time. They are always hungry. Needless to say, I left the Lactation consultant and cried the rest
of the day. I have never felt so much guilt.

Now for the decisions. The LC is having me put the girls to the breast every time they cry and wants me to try and feed them
one at a time in hopes that me giving more attention will help them eat better (Oh because we weighed them before and after
they ate and they only got 1 ounce and 2 ounces). Then I go back tomorrow to do a weight check and again on Tuesday. I want
this to work but if I'm feeding 2 babies every time they cry I might as well set up shop on the couch and get ready to listen to
crying all day because all I will be doing is breast-feeding. The whole reason I started feeding them together was because it
takes a whole lot less time and I was sick of having the baby that wasn't eating screaming at me the whole time her sister ate.
So, what do I do? Keep trying and be stressed, completely switch to formula and be stressed, or let one baby breast-feed and
bottle feed the other and then switch the next time. The last option sounds good but I think it will put them on completely
different schedules because formula holds them over so much longer. *Sigh*

Ok vent over. I keep trying to post videos of the girls but it won't work! I have a Macbook and the videos are uploaded to IMovie.
Any advice on getting it to work. Thanks!

May 21, 2009


That's the only word I can think of to describe just how dramatically changed my life is. I'm going to backtrack for a second but it will make since. When I was a freshman at Oklahoma Christian, I babysat my 2 months old nephew, Ty. He was such a hard baby and that is a complete and total understatement. He was so hard that when I left Oklahoma I told Jen that she needed to quit because she could not leave Ty with anyone that wasn't family because I was afraid that would get too frustrated and potentially hurt him... pretty bad huh?!?! Well, when I was pregnant I constantly worried about having TWO "Ty's". I remembered how hard it was with him and was so nervous I would have two... at the same time. I'm saying all this to say, I think I have two "Ty's". They have been so hard the last week or two. I hate to complain because I have two beautiful, healthy baby girls. They are so amazing and I love just staring at them. But goodness, I'm not completely sure God chose the right girl for this job! LOL. Well, that is enough of that. 

On a brighter note, my girls are 10 weeks old! I cannot believe it. We have been away from the hospital for 6 weeks now. Time really does fly. At their 2 month check-up, Ansley was 7 lbs 5 ounces and 20 inches long. Kinley was 6 lbs 11 ounces and 19 inches long. It's hard to believe that just 10 weeks ago they were born at 3 lbs 3 ounces and 3 lbs 5 ounces. Little miss Kinley even got down to 2 lbs 10 ounces. They are growing so fast!! They have grown out of Preemie sleepers but Newborn ones are too big. Most of their Preemie outfits still fit but we are starting to put them in Newborn stuff. It's still a little too big though. 

I think I'm going to try and start making bows. That way I can have a little hobby of my own and hopefully save some money while I'm at it. If you have any tips or ideas send them my way and hopefully I will have a post on that soon.

I know I say it every time but I really am going to try and post more... life has been just a little crazy though. I will leave you with 2 month pics!

Ansley Grace

Kinley Kate

April 22, 2009

My girls!

I just wanted to say a few things about my girls so that I can look back at this time and remember. Kinley makes the sweetest little noises all the time. It seems as if she is talking to herself. Ansley has become so good at being awake. In the NICU she would act as if it was just so hard to open her eyes. Now she opens them so big and she will stay awake for a while. She also sleeps so well! When she is out, man she is out! Kinley on the other-hand is quite touchy. She wakes up very easy and is very fussy when she wakes up. They both make the funniest faces when they are asleep. You can see every emotion on their faces in just a 10 minute period. I'm afraid we are in over our heads!!

April 20, 2009

Deliriously happy!

I love being a mom. I love holding, feeding, loving on, and soothing them. They are why I am so happy. They are also the factors that make me delirious. I still don't have them figured out. I do not know what to expect from day to day or even hour to hour. I am looking forward to learning all their quirks and cannot wait to see their little personalities shine through. That's all for now!

April 16, 2009

Life at home!

Ok... I really am going to try and blog at least once a week from now on. Life has just been beyond crazy the last few months and when I did have time to blog, I would have rather done NOTHING! I know I said I would catch everyone up on the girls' NICU time but I'm going to skip that. They were in the NICU one day short of 4 weeks which is so good! They say to expect them to come home on the due date and they came home a month before that!! We have now been home for 1 week and it has been so fun and challenging. It is so nice to have them to ourselves. We get to do things how we want and when we want. Don't get me wrong... I appreciate the nurses and know they were just doing their job but I got a little sick of them telling me when I could hold MY babies! We have already had to go to the Dr. (outside of weight checks) because Ansley was spitting up after every feeding. Ansley hadn't gained any weight since our weight check so they weighed Kinley. She only gained 1 ounce. That really upset me because I want to feel like they are thriving at our home. Instead I felt like we took them from the NICU too soon. We then were sent to the hospital (don't they know we have had enough of that place?) to get an ultrasound on her belly. Everything looked fine and she was put on medicine for reflux. She has been doing so much better. We had to change to bottle feeding every time except twice a day and we have another weight check tomorrow. Hopefully they will have gained at least 3 oz. Also, while we are at the Dr., he will check Kinley's belly. She is the one that had that scare in the NICU because her belly was getting so big and low and behold it is pretty huge again. So, prayers that miss Kinley will be fine. Now I will leave you with their one month pics!!!
Ansley Grace

Kinley Kate

March 19, 2009

So much to blog about!!

I am so sorry I stink at blogging! It has been so crazy around here I barely have time to think, much less blog!! So I am going to try and write as much as I can today but it will probably be a few blogs before I catch up! 

On Thursday March 12th, I woke up with some extreme back pain. I only really noticed it when I stood up so I didn't think anything of it. Meredith came and picked me up that morning to take me to my Dr.'s appointment. When I got there I started noticing some cramps. They weren't regular so I disregarded those as well. Let's just say it's a good thing I had a Dr.'s appointment. When the Dr. checked me I had dilated to a 2 so he put me on the monitors. I started to have noticeable contractions every 2 minutes. So the Dr. sent me to the hospital to see if the contractions were causing me to dilate even more. Once I got there I was on the monitor for a hour, started having contractions every 45 seconds, and went from a 2 to a 3. They checked me into labor and delivery and waited until I was dilated to a 5 to take me back to the operating room. All of this started at around 11:30 and we had babies at 7:26 and 7:28. Kinley Kate was 3 lbs 5 ounces and 15 3/4 inches. Ansley Grace was 3 lbs 3.5 ounces and 16 3/4 inches. What a GREAT day!!! I will talk about their NICU stay in blogs to come.  

February 17, 2009

World's Worst Blogger!

So I'm sorry that I'm an awful blogger. You would think with all my time I would blog multiple times a day! I really was going to post last week but I wanted to post a video and I couldn't figure out how to get them from my camera to my computer! Well, I figured it out this morning.

We are now at 29 weeks but 28 weeks was our big milestone. If we make it to 30 that has been my ultimate goal. I know you probably think it should be full term but I'm just trying to realistic. Everyone is stunned that we've made it this far! Our last sonogram has shown that Kinley's water is at risk to break, I'm 100% effaced, and dilated to a 2 or 3. Still no contractions though... who knows! I have been in the hospital for 3o days now. WoW! I really am going completely crazy. I'm so ready to clean up after myself, walk wherever I want, go to dinner with my husband, run my own errands, and so much more. I won't get to go home when I get out of here because the girls will be in the hospital here until at least April sometime. I know my normal isn't going to be the same anymore but I'm so ready for that new normal with my family living at our home and not a hospital. Anyway, I'll try to update more frequently. I would put a video up of our new home before we moved in but it's taking forever for the first video to post. Until next time.

*** Sorry the video won't load. Maybe next time

February 3, 2009

So I have been in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks! I am beyond excited/relieved that my girls are still tucked away safely in my tummy but AAAHHH!!! I feel like I'm going crazy. I just need to keep repeating, "I think I can. I think I can." I will be 28 weeks on Sunday and that is such a milestone and when I have 2 beautiful, healthy girls I know I will never think twice about my stay in the hospital.

Throughout this whole thing, the fact that Jason and I have the best friends and family has just been reiterated over and over again. We have had so many visitors. I'm actually going to do my best to name them all so that I will have documentation of it. So far we have had... My mom & dad, his mom & dad, Jamie, Geoff, Jana, Justin, Jen, Josh, Ty, Bryce, Lainey, Tim, Melaina, Randall, Celice, Granny, Granddad, Meredith, Makayla, Mitzi, Margaret, Michael, Kara, 4 0f my co-workers (Elizabeth, Megan, Adam, & Anne), my boss (Michael), Russ, Susan, Chris, Jim, the parents of Marla Myers (from our church in Abilene),  Vicki, Mark, Jane, Sarah, Brittney, Kevin, Susan, Kayla, Kristen, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Carla, Aunt Nina, Aunt Beverley, Amanda, Amanda, Stephanie, Mallory, Sharla, Blake, Anna, Keith, Cynthia, Steven, Britini, Faith, Shanda, Jimma, Barbara, Karen, Caleb, Jennie, Reese, & Aubrie. I really hope I have remembered everyone and I'm sorry I put you through that! But it does make me feel better to have it down somewhere. ANYWAY... the point is we are obviously blessed!

I am even more blessed than Jason though. He is the most AMAZING husband. This has definitely been one of the first big, life-changing things that has happened to him and we were totally taken off guard. Imagine hearing the words, "If they are born, they won't survive." or "There is a high-risk of brain hemorrhaging that could cause cerebral palsy or life-long seizure disorders." We have never been so scared and there is no one other than Jason that I could do this with. He has been so incredibly supportive and strong. I can just look at him and feel just a little bit better every time! As most of you know, we had moved into a new house the day before I was admitted and he has spent all of his free time in Abilene getting it together. He has even decorated a lot of it for me and tonight he spent his time painting our girls' room and putting up trim. He is soooo great!! He is spending Sunday-Wednesday in Abilene going into work early and leaving late and then travels to Fort Worth to stay on an uncomfortable couch next to me in the hospital. I am so grateful that God gave him to me and I love him more than I could ever imagine.

We are both just ready for this all to be over and for our lives to go back to normal. Even though, our normal will never be the same. We are just ready to live in the same house with our beautiful girls. Please continue all of your prayers and know that we are so thankful for that and you. Hopefully, I'll post sooner next time! Until then, I'll just be laying in bed at the hopsital!

January 23, 2009

Just a bad week

I'm sorry I haven't updated this. I know people have been checking but I just didn't want to update until I felt more confident in the information I had. 

We had a Dr.'s appointment on Thursday with Dr. Maberry. Everything looked great with mom and babies. Then on Monday (4 days later) we had an appointment with Dr. Mascorro and my cervix had almost completely thinned out (it's less than 1 cm). She admitted me to Hendrick right away for observation. On Tuesday, I had no changes. Dr. Mascorro had been in contact with the Dr.'s at Harris Methodist in Fort Worth and they decided to give me a fetal fiber nectin test on Wednesday. This is a fairly inconclusive test but the Dr.'s decided if it came back positive then I would be transported to Harris Methodist to await the arrival of the babies. It was positive. I am now 25 weeks and 5 days. We are trying to make it to 28 weeks to give the girls the girls the best chance possible to not have any long term issues. The good news is that every Dr. that has seen the girls tells us how big and strong they are. They have faith that even if they were born sooner that they would still do fairly well. 

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

January 12, 2009

Belly pics and housing update

Well, I'm getting pretty huge! These are pictures of me at 24 weeks. We are only 13 weeks away from the schedule induction. That just sounds CRAZY! This weekend I bought 2 cribs and 1 changing table. We still need 1 mattress but hey we're getting there. We found a house and are moving in on Saturday! I am so excited and can't wait to get the girls' room set-up. The house we chose is the one we went to look at during our lunch break. We fell in love with it in seconds. It's a 3 bedroom 1 bath with a great laundry room and a closed in patio that will be great for storage. We will have a front yard!! It's the little things. 

January 6, 2009

Less than 100 days!

We are only 97 days away from our schedule induction! I cannot believe how fast everything is going. We saw the girls yesterday and they looked perfect! The Dr. commented on how much they were moving around and said they were going to be strong. I have been having this awful pain in my left ribs for the last few weeks so I asked Dr. Mascorro if there was a body part up there! Sure enough... Baby B's (which I'm pretty sure will be Ansley Grace) knee is lodged up there. As she showed us that we saw Ansley's little foot. It is the sweetest little foot... or so we thought. As we were admiring it she kicked Baby A (Kinley) right in the head! You could see little Kinley's head just shaking back and forth. Is it bad that I found this pretty funny? I better get prepared though,  it looks like we might have a little trouble maker on our hands. Well, we will go to the high risk doctor next Thursday and back to Mascorro the week after that. I can't to see the girls 3 times a month now! I definitely won't get sick of that but I might get sick of the Dr.'s office. I am also getting really excited for my first baby shower!!! I am blessed with the greatest friends and family and I know it is going to be great! 

Well, the only other big thing going on in our world right now is house hunting. We couldn't decide if we should move or not (and to be honest I'm still not convinced) but we are trying to find a bigger yet affordable rent house. We saw one yesterday that we like. The master is a little on the small side and we would have to buy a washer and dryer. Jason was sure this was the house until it dawned on him that there was no fireplace... because that should be a deal breaker. haha. We are going to look at another house today on our lunch break so we shall see. 

Now for the few people that read my blog and have their own.... POST!!! Some of you have been major slackers! Love you