February 17, 2009

World's Worst Blogger!

So I'm sorry that I'm an awful blogger. You would think with all my time I would blog multiple times a day! I really was going to post last week but I wanted to post a video and I couldn't figure out how to get them from my camera to my computer! Well, I figured it out this morning.

We are now at 29 weeks but 28 weeks was our big milestone. If we make it to 30 that has been my ultimate goal. I know you probably think it should be full term but I'm just trying to realistic. Everyone is stunned that we've made it this far! Our last sonogram has shown that Kinley's water is at risk to break, I'm 100% effaced, and dilated to a 2 or 3. Still no contractions though... who knows! I have been in the hospital for 3o days now. WoW! I really am going completely crazy. I'm so ready to clean up after myself, walk wherever I want, go to dinner with my husband, run my own errands, and so much more. I won't get to go home when I get out of here because the girls will be in the hospital here until at least April sometime. I know my normal isn't going to be the same anymore but I'm so ready for that new normal with my family living at our home and not a hospital. Anyway, I'll try to update more frequently. I would put a video up of our new home before we moved in but it's taking forever for the first video to post. Until next time.

*** Sorry the video won't load. Maybe next time

February 3, 2009

So I have been in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks! I am beyond excited/relieved that my girls are still tucked away safely in my tummy but AAAHHH!!! I feel like I'm going crazy. I just need to keep repeating, "I think I can. I think I can." I will be 28 weeks on Sunday and that is such a milestone and when I have 2 beautiful, healthy girls I know I will never think twice about my stay in the hospital.

Throughout this whole thing, the fact that Jason and I have the best friends and family has just been reiterated over and over again. We have had so many visitors. I'm actually going to do my best to name them all so that I will have documentation of it. So far we have had... My mom & dad, his mom & dad, Jamie, Geoff, Jana, Justin, Jen, Josh, Ty, Bryce, Lainey, Tim, Melaina, Randall, Celice, Granny, Granddad, Meredith, Makayla, Mitzi, Margaret, Michael, Kara, 4 0f my co-workers (Elizabeth, Megan, Adam, & Anne), my boss (Michael), Russ, Susan, Chris, Jim, the parents of Marla Myers (from our church in Abilene),  Vicki, Mark, Jane, Sarah, Brittney, Kevin, Susan, Kayla, Kristen, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Carla, Aunt Nina, Aunt Beverley, Amanda, Amanda, Stephanie, Mallory, Sharla, Blake, Anna, Keith, Cynthia, Steven, Britini, Faith, Shanda, Jimma, Barbara, Karen, Caleb, Jennie, Reese, & Aubrie. I really hope I have remembered everyone and I'm sorry I put you through that! But it does make me feel better to have it down somewhere. ANYWAY... the point is we are obviously blessed!

I am even more blessed than Jason though. He is the most AMAZING husband. This has definitely been one of the first big, life-changing things that has happened to him and we were totally taken off guard. Imagine hearing the words, "If they are born, they won't survive." or "There is a high-risk of brain hemorrhaging that could cause cerebral palsy or life-long seizure disorders." We have never been so scared and there is no one other than Jason that I could do this with. He has been so incredibly supportive and strong. I can just look at him and feel just a little bit better every time! As most of you know, we had moved into a new house the day before I was admitted and he has spent all of his free time in Abilene getting it together. He has even decorated a lot of it for me and tonight he spent his time painting our girls' room and putting up trim. He is soooo great!! He is spending Sunday-Wednesday in Abilene going into work early and leaving late and then travels to Fort Worth to stay on an uncomfortable couch next to me in the hospital. I am so grateful that God gave him to me and I love him more than I could ever imagine.

We are both just ready for this all to be over and for our lives to go back to normal. Even though, our normal will never be the same. We are just ready to live in the same house with our beautiful girls. Please continue all of your prayers and know that we are so thankful for that and you. Hopefully, I'll post sooner next time! Until then, I'll just be laying in bed at the hopsital!