October 9, 2009

My new blog layout!!

Thanks so much to Kelly Mann for my new page!! I am hoping that since I have a new cute page that I will become a much better blogger. She did such a great job and was so great to work with. I cannot wait for her to meet the girls that she has gotten to see some pictures of!

The girls are getting so big! We are still working on a ton of things. My most recent goal is getting them to sit unassisted. They kind of can but not completely (Like I wouldn't just walk away). I have a video of Ansley laughing that I need to upload but I'm trying to wait until I get a good video of Kinley. She is just so content most of the time that she just watches Ansley being crazy! Oh well, she will have her time to shine soon!

Let me leave you with some pics. These were taken by Kyle Newton. He did such a great job!


Celice said...

The new layout looks great! And so do the pictures of the girls- I love the one with you holding their arms!

Jennifer said...

Love the layout and pictures :)