January 23, 2009

Just a bad week

I'm sorry I haven't updated this. I know people have been checking but I just didn't want to update until I felt more confident in the information I had. 

We had a Dr.'s appointment on Thursday with Dr. Maberry. Everything looked great with mom and babies. Then on Monday (4 days later) we had an appointment with Dr. Mascorro and my cervix had almost completely thinned out (it's less than 1 cm). She admitted me to Hendrick right away for observation. On Tuesday, I had no changes. Dr. Mascorro had been in contact with the Dr.'s at Harris Methodist in Fort Worth and they decided to give me a fetal fiber nectin test on Wednesday. This is a fairly inconclusive test but the Dr.'s decided if it came back positive then I would be transported to Harris Methodist to await the arrival of the babies. It was positive. I am now 25 weeks and 5 days. We are trying to make it to 28 weeks to give the girls the girls the best chance possible to not have any long term issues. The good news is that every Dr. that has seen the girls tells us how big and strong they are. They have faith that even if they were born sooner that they would still do fairly well. 

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.


amie said...

I will keep you in my prayers..every day gives them so much more, so pat yoursself on the back each new day. You are doing great.

Tracy said...

Oh goodness. You ALL will be in my prayers.

Hang in there! :) You're doing great!!! Just try to enjoy the relaxation :)

Jennie said...

Another week down Katie! Isn't it great? I know it stinks right now just having to lay in the hospital bed, but it will be over before you know it, hopefully a couple more weeks, and you will get to hold your beautiful baby girls. By that time it will all seem like a flash. So hang in there, keep smiling. So many are praying for you, Jason, and the girls.