January 6, 2009

Less than 100 days!

We are only 97 days away from our schedule induction! I cannot believe how fast everything is going. We saw the girls yesterday and they looked perfect! The Dr. commented on how much they were moving around and said they were going to be strong. I have been having this awful pain in my left ribs for the last few weeks so I asked Dr. Mascorro if there was a body part up there! Sure enough... Baby B's (which I'm pretty sure will be Ansley Grace) knee is lodged up there. As she showed us that we saw Ansley's little foot. It is the sweetest little foot... or so we thought. As we were admiring it she kicked Baby A (Kinley) right in the head! You could see little Kinley's head just shaking back and forth. Is it bad that I found this pretty funny? I better get prepared though,  it looks like we might have a little trouble maker on our hands. Well, we will go to the high risk doctor next Thursday and back to Mascorro the week after that. I can't to see the girls 3 times a month now! I definitely won't get sick of that but I might get sick of the Dr.'s office. I am also getting really excited for my first baby shower!!! I am blessed with the greatest friends and family and I know it is going to be great! 

Well, the only other big thing going on in our world right now is house hunting. We couldn't decide if we should move or not (and to be honest I'm still not convinced) but we are trying to find a bigger yet affordable rent house. We saw one yesterday that we like. The master is a little on the small side and we would have to buy a washer and dryer. Jason was sure this was the house until it dawned on him that there was no fireplace... because that should be a deal breaker. haha. We are going to look at another house today on our lunch break so we shall see. 

Now for the few people that read my blog and have their own.... POST!!! Some of you have been major slackers! Love you


amie said...

Found your blog through your sisters blog..congrats on the babies!! I was curious where you were living..only cause my son was delivered by a Dr.Mascorro. Small world!

Chelsea said...

I love reading about the babies, they do sound like they are going to be very active little girls! Alec and I have you and Jason in our prayers, house hunting and babies, I know this is an exciting time for you guys! Hope you are having a great week!

Celice said...

How exciting that you got to see your little ones in action! I can't wait to meet them!

Becca said...

Katie!!! I am so excited for you! You are going to be wonderful mom! I cannot wait to see pictures of your sweet babies!!