December 22, 2009

Cabin Fever

Ok! We need some ideas. Everyone brainstorm... what do you do with two 9 month olds in the dead of winter? It can be things at the house or we can go places (I just don't know where to go!). I don't know if the girls are but I'm definitely getting cabin fever.

On your mark, get set, BRAINSTORM!

December 18, 2009


9 months already! It’s hard to believe that their 1st year is almost over. I can definitely say that life is much more enjoyable these days. Their 9 month stats were awesome! Kinley weighs 17 lbs 3 oz and Ansley is 17 lbs 11 oz. They are both 27 inches long. We have a pretty set schedule and their personalities are shining through more and more. I want to remember what a day in our lives looks like right now so here it goes.

7:00 Wake-up & Bottle

8:00 Solids

9:00ish Nap

12:00ish Solids & Bottle

12:30 Play time (usually when I go run errands)

2:00 Nap

4:30 Solids

5:30 Daddy comes home and we play with him!

6:30 Bath

7:00 Bottle and then bedtime!

Kinley is still our super content baby. She still chooses not to roll! She is happy however we put her and stays there until we move her again. She was the first to “talk” (on Dec. 4th) and spends her day saying “dada”. She has begun to “talk” as soon as you lay her down for bed. She will be dead asleep in my arms but the second I lay her down she is wide awake and ready for a good heart to heart! Kinley is very ticklish. You just have to touch her belly and she can’t take it. She still doesn’t have any teeth but I think they are coming soon. She has such a great personality and whenever she smiles her eyes just light up in such a way that melts your heart. She has such a sweet spirit and I hope that continues to grow as she develops and matures.

Ansley is our little firecracker. She is most definitely a child of extremes. She is using rolling as a form of transportation these days. She has started “talking” as well (Dec. 14th) and much to my dismay she is constantly babbling “baba”. However, we don’t think it will be long until there is a “mama”. She is trying so hard but can’t seem to figure it out. Ansley has taken quite the turn and gone from an extreme daddy’s girl to most definitely a mama’s girl. I’m not sure what changed but she doesn’t like for me to even walk out of a room. Ansley got her 1st two teeth on Nov. 1st and it looks like her top teeth might be coming in soon. Her personality is so charismatic and her laugh is contagious. I hope that Ansley’s strong personality is used for the betterment of herself and her peers.

December 5, 2009

Yay Kinley!!

Kinley has achieved something first! As many of you know, I have been bothered that Ansley does everything first. Kinley is usually soon after (except for with rolling!) but I worry for Kinley's self-esteem! Ok, I'm just kidding but I was really excited that Kinley was the first to start "talking". Take a look at this sweet video of Miss Kinley saying dada!