February 1, 2010

10 months and counting...

Well, they will actually be 11 months in 11 days! That is so crazy but I figure I should blog about their 10 month. They are changing so rapidly. It is incredible to watch them grow and learn new things. Ansley has learned to get to a sitting position from laying down. Let's just say this has not been a fun new trick at night. She wakes up often now and when we go in she is just sitting in the middle of her crib. Kinley likes to sleep with her face pushed in the corner of her crib. I need to get a picture of this!! It is not very settling for mommy and daddy. Ansley says Mama!!! She started saying it on a regular basis on the 27th. Let's just say I love hearing it and can't wait for Kinley to start! Kinley has finally started getting her 1st tooth!! It broke through on the 27th. That was a big day in the Pittenger house! We are eating table food 3 times a day! Ansley will eat anything you put in front of her but Kinley seems to be a little too much like her mommy in this area. She is extremely picky and when she decides she doesn't like something, she will purse her lips and turn her head. We are having to really push veggies with her! I know there are so many things I am mising but that's it for now. I will leave you with some pictures of my beautiful baby girls!

Their 10 month pic
Ansley sporting her new shades
Kinley putting the style in stylin'
Kinley watching the dogs play after dinner
Ansley is getting close to crawling on all 4's
(but for now her army crawl suits her just fine!)