November 23, 2008

One girl and one ...

Well, we definitely have one girl!! Baby A is definitely a girl but Baby B is always a little tricky to get a picture of. Baby B is behind Baby A so we never get very good pictures. The Dr. guessed that B is also a girl but I'm not so sure. She didn't get a good view at all so we order Intelligender. The test isn't 100% accurate but it said BOY! We will be so excited no matter what Baby B is but I am kind of hoping for a boy. Jason is dying for a little boy and I want that for him so bad! However, thanks to Jen and Meredith, we will have lots of gifts for 2 little girls. They didn't listen to me when I said that the Dr. said not to buy anything yet and they have been buying my girls gifts like crazy! So, they are especially hoping for another girl! We will hopefully know for sure on December 11th so I'll let y'all know then!! 

November 9, 2008

It's been a while!

Well, I haven't written a post in a while so I figure why not. I will do anything to put off doing my homework. Things have been going pretty well around here. A few weeks ago I was having a few breakdowns a week and decided the best thing for my marriage, the twins, and me would be to work a lot less during my last month of school. I have been working 10-15 hours a week and it has made a HUGE difference. I'm not really doing more school work with my time (which is what I need to be doing) but I'm getting a lot of much needed sleep. There were 2 nights last week that I fell asleep at 7 and only woke up when Jason woke me up to make sure I took my medicine... what a great husband. 

This weekend Jason went hunting in Kansas with Kallen. It was suppose to be a weekend for me to get a lot of school work done but it has ended up with me doing a lot of sleeping and a little school work. I also spent 4 hours at a spa redeeming a spa package my husband got me!! When I was there the lady told me she remembered my husband and he told her how I was pregnant with twins, going to school, and working and that I deserved something special! It made me feel really good. He did spend a lot of money that I wouldn't have ever spent but I did need it and it was very much appreciated! 

I am growing!! I still haven't gained any weight which is really bothering me but Jason and I can tell a huge difference! I would just feel better if I were gaining weight so I knew that I was doing everything right for the twins. We also noticed last Wednesday that my ab muscles have already split. I didn't think that happened so early and according to Jen it doesn't!! She has let me know that this isn't a good thing for me and that I will need her large maternity clothes!! Hahaha! Oh well! As long as the babies are growing big and strong I will love getting HUGE

Well, I'm hoping my next blog will be me writing about our appointment and letting all of you (like anyone actually reads this) know what the babies sexes are!! I'm so excited to find out and I will be so sad if we can't. So everybody keep your fingers crossed that on November 17th the babies will be cooperating and we will know what they are!!