April 22, 2009

My girls!

I just wanted to say a few things about my girls so that I can look back at this time and remember. Kinley makes the sweetest little noises all the time. It seems as if she is talking to herself. Ansley has become so good at being awake. In the NICU she would act as if it was just so hard to open her eyes. Now she opens them so big and she will stay awake for a while. She also sleeps so well! When she is out, man she is out! Kinley on the other-hand is quite touchy. She wakes up very easy and is very fussy when she wakes up. They both make the funniest faces when they are asleep. You can see every emotion on their faces in just a 10 minute period. I'm afraid we are in over our heads!!

April 20, 2009

Deliriously happy!

I love being a mom. I love holding, feeding, loving on, and soothing them. They are why I am so happy. They are also the factors that make me delirious. I still don't have them figured out. I do not know what to expect from day to day or even hour to hour. I am looking forward to learning all their quirks and cannot wait to see their little personalities shine through. That's all for now!

April 16, 2009

Life at home!

Ok... I really am going to try and blog at least once a week from now on. Life has just been beyond crazy the last few months and when I did have time to blog, I would have rather done NOTHING! I know I said I would catch everyone up on the girls' NICU time but I'm going to skip that. They were in the NICU one day short of 4 weeks which is so good! They say to expect them to come home on the due date and they came home a month before that!! We have now been home for 1 week and it has been so fun and challenging. It is so nice to have them to ourselves. We get to do things how we want and when we want. Don't get me wrong... I appreciate the nurses and know they were just doing their job but I got a little sick of them telling me when I could hold MY babies! We have already had to go to the Dr. (outside of weight checks) because Ansley was spitting up after every feeding. Ansley hadn't gained any weight since our weight check so they weighed Kinley. She only gained 1 ounce. That really upset me because I want to feel like they are thriving at our home. Instead I felt like we took them from the NICU too soon. We then were sent to the hospital (don't they know we have had enough of that place?) to get an ultrasound on her belly. Everything looked fine and she was put on medicine for reflux. She has been doing so much better. We had to change to bottle feeding every time except twice a day and we have another weight check tomorrow. Hopefully they will have gained at least 3 oz. Also, while we are at the Dr., he will check Kinley's belly. She is the one that had that scare in the NICU because her belly was getting so big and low and behold it is pretty huge again. So, prayers that miss Kinley will be fine. Now I will leave you with their one month pics!!!
Ansley Grace

Kinley Kate