August 11, 2008

Just a GREAT weekend

So this weekend was just a great weekend! First, Kayla came to see me! She came in on Friday afternoon and we just sat and talked and caught up with each other. We were so use to seeing each other every day and now it's like maybe once a month....NOT OK! It was so nice just to be with her. She is such an amazing friend that I have been blessed by for the last 11+ years! Then we went to eat and have a couple of drinks at Lytle, Kayla's old stomping grounds! On Saturday morning we got up and went on a walk around ACU. It was so nice! I'm going to get to see her again this week and I absolutely CANNOT wait!!

Soon after she left, I went on a shopping spree for my little Lainey bug! She isn't here yet but let me tell you...when she gets here she is going to be one stylin' baby! The rest of the night I spent with Jason just having a relaxing evening. Sunday was fun-filled. First church, then lunch at Lytle, then shopping with Kara and her little sister, bowling with our husbands, and then cooking out at the Barbees! It was such a nice day. I always love being married to Jason but after this weekend, I think I love it even more!

Well, 3 more days until my big business meeting (Don't I sound so adult?) I'll let you know how it goes!

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