August 7, 2008

Just a good day!!

Today was a pretty good day. I took my final for my last summer class ever!! It feels so great to be so close. I only have 4 months until I am finally done with college. I feel like I've been at this forever. Now I have 2 weeks to just work and not have to worry about school at all.

Then Jen called to tell me that she is dilated to a 3 and 30% effaced. Little Lainey girl could be here any day!! I am so excited to see her. It seems like Jen has been pregnant forever. I am a little nervous about this one though. I am in Abilene now so I'm further away from Oklahoma City. I have been there for all of her births and I don't want this one to be any different. I really want to be in the room again! That was so exciting. I am living vicariously through all my friends and family because Jason and I probably won't have kids for a while.

Now finally for the clincher.... I am now PR/Development for New Horizons. I officially start on September 1st. I will only be part-time until a graduate but that's a good thing! See the deal with this new position is just's a brand new position. New Horizons has never had this position until now. My executive director, Michael, said to me "Create your dream job." Oh my gosh!! That is so exciting and incredibly scary all at the same time. Does he not realize that I am 22 and never had experience doing this type of thing?!?! Well, he obviously sees something in me that I don't quite see yet and I am so grateful that God has blessed me with whatever it is that Michael thinks I have. This is going to sound dumb but one of the most exciting parts about the job is that I get my first company phone and an office with windows!!! I have been planning how I will decorate since way before I accepted the position. By the way....I could use some help. Suggestions gladly accepted!

Well, I guess that's it for now...who knows, next time I blog it might be about my new niece, Lainey Jean Foster!!

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