July 3, 2011

Is this normal?

The past few days or maybe even week I have had this overwhelming feeling of pride and love for my two girls. I have always felt this way but man the past week it's just been 100 times more intense. I often get a little embarrassed with how often I think of them and how incredibly perfect they are. I find myself wanting to repeat everything they say to anyone who will listen just so they can see how amazing they are as well.

Being a parent is simple one of the craziest jobs there is. It is so magical and yet so frustrating at times. I just can't even put into words how I feel about them and no one can possible understand until they have their own. They are almost 2 years 4 months and I love this age. With every stage things just get a little easier and are a little more fun.

I have thought for a long time that Jason and I wouldn't have anymore kids and Jason still thinks that! However, when I look at them I think why wouldn't we do this again?! We brought two of the most beautiful, innocent human beings into this world! We at least need to try for a handsome boy!! But now is definitely not the time!!

Dear God, thank you for giving me and Jason the chance to be a mom and dad. Please help us to do the best job possible to raise 2 Christian women with a love for you that cannot be matched. Be with us and guide us in every decision we make. I am the luckiest mom ever and cannot wait to see where you lead our family. Amen!

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