May 1, 2011

A lot has happened....

So it has been quite sometime since I blogged and a lot has happened since then! I want to try this blog thing again but we will see! Since the last post we have moved from Abilene to North Richland Hills! I am loving all the changes that have occurred over the past several months! I am now a Title Agent for an oil & gas company. It is the perfect job for me b/c of it's amazing flexibility. I only go into the office 3 days a week (if that) and I am at home with my girls the other two days.

The 3 days I'm at work the girls go to my Aunt Debbie's In-home daycare! It is mostly family members and they absolutely love it. The girls are so incredibly smart and I credit a lot of that to Debbie. I love having a place that I know the girls are loved and well taken care of! I loved playing at her house when I was little and it is so special to me that they are so close to her too.

Jason is now a Project Engineer for a road & bridge construction company and he is really enjoying his new job. His favorite part and being able to wear jeans every day and getting to hop in his company truck to check out the site when he gets bored at his desk. I am so thankful that Jason find a job that he is so great at and enjoys so much.

When we first moved to North Richland Hills we lived with my parents for 7 months. It was so much fun watching the girls with their grandparents every day. By the end of it they were entirely too spoiled from having 4 adults cater to their every need. In December we bought our very first house! We decided to do some remodeling so we didn't move in until February. We still have a LONG ways to go in terms of remodeling, furnishing, and decorating our house but there is a good chance this is the house the kids will grow up in so we have a while!

The girls turned TWO on March 12th and I really cannot believe it! I don't know how they are growing up so fast! They have more than caught up in every aspect. You would never guess they were my little 3 lb 32 weekers! Every day I look at them and I am completely amazed by the little people that they are and cannot believe they are really mine. They are still completely opposite of each other in pretty much every way!! Ansley talks non-stop and loves to sing. Kinley often just repeats Ansley because she loves her so much! She still has the most tender heart and loves being a helper at Debbie's house! Well that's all for now! Hopefully I will write again soon!

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Jamie said...

good post! Glad to see you're back, I look forward to keeping up with y'all again through this blog!