December 15, 2008

Two healthy baby GIRLS!!

I still think I'm in shock. I just knew we were going to have at LEAST one boy. I had convinced myself of it but nope! It has been triple verified. We have two beautiful baby girls on the way. We are so excited and cannot wait to start getting things in order. We also find out the we have a c-section date set already. We went to the doctor this morning and she let us know she went ahead and set a date for a c-section. She said it didn't mean we had to have a c-section but she didn't want to fight for a OR. So the twins arrival date (unless they come earlier) is.... APRIL 14TH! It is absolutely surreal to have a definite date. It is coming so fast and we aren't even close to ready. So our beautiful girls will be here in 4 the very latest! That is insane! I already have so many cute things for them and can't wait to get me. 

I also graduated on Friday!! It feels so great to be done and before the babies are here makes it even better. I felt like I would never finish and then all the sudden it's over! I had the best time with all my wonderful family and friends that came in. I am blessed to have some of the best friends! Well, I'm going to try and update this more and all add pictures later. Have a great week! 

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